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Buying The 100-Minute Bible

All editions of The 100-Minute Bible are now available through both High Street and Christian bookshops. However, we appreciate that you may wish to use The 100-Minute Bible as part of the ministry of your church and therefore require a good number of copies. Accordingly, we are happy to supply orders valued at over £60 (excluding P&P) at discount prices (see below).

Please note that there is not a recommended retail price for any of the versions, neither is a price printed on the books or Audio CD set; so churches are at liberty to sell them at any price you choose, or even give them away free.

If your order is to be consigned to a private address then we can only fulfil that order if a cheque is enclosed with your order.

If your order is to be despatched to a Church Office or to the home of a minister, i.e. a Vicarage, Manse, Rectory or similar we are able to send an invoice with the consignment. However, we would prefer to receive payment with the order.

If you would like to be invoiced please send an order on your official order form or headed notepaper to:

The 100-Minute Press
Mystole Farm
Kent, CT4 7DB

Invoices will be despatched with the consignment and payment terms are settlement within 30 days. First orders are limited to £350.

Prices (United Kingdom only)

The 100-Minute Bible

978-09556695-5-2 £5 each

The 100-Minute Bible
Large Print Edition

0-9551324-2-8 £6 each

The 100-Minute Bible
Giant Print Edition

0-9551324-7-9 £10 each

The 100-Minute Bible
Audio Edition

0-9551324-4-4 £10 each

The 100-Minute Bible

978-0-9556695-0-7 £5 each

Large Order Discounts

Total Order £60 - £300 - 25% discount AND free delivery
Total Order over £300 - 45% discount AND free delivery
First orders are limited to £350.

Minimum order to qualify for discount - £60.

Delivery will be by 2nd class mail or courier.

Smaller Orders (under £60)

Please use the Buy page for orders under £60

Overseas Churches

Books and CDs are available on trade terms from the following distributors: Tel (02) 9857 4477.

Other countries - Please consult with your requirements and a quote for delivery.

To purchase non-English editions click here.

Copyright Licensing Information for Churches

It is appreciated that Church leaders may wish to use the text beyond what is permitted by virtue of the copyright concession in the printed version of The 100-Minute Bible. An MS Word edition of the text along with the maps is now available on CD in conjunction with a licence for a Church or an individual Church Leader to use in relation to their ministry for the sum of £10 including postage. There are two types of licence:

1) Granted to a church
A licence granted to a church will allow the text to be used for all of that church's activities and will normally be limited to use within the boundaries of its parish in the case of Anglican churches or within an 2-10 mile radius for churches not specifically linked to parishes; the smaller radius being for urban churches and the highest for very rural churches in remote upland areas. Churches in most of rural of England will be granted a 5-mile radius licence.

2) Granted to church leader
A licence granted to an individual church leader will allow that person to use the text only within his/her own ministry but without geographical restrictions. Thus, for example, a licence granted to a Youth Leader of a group of churches will only be able to use the text for youth activities in those churches. A Methodist lay preacher who also takes services in a care home would be able to use it within their circuit and in the care home but could not allow it to be used by other lay preachers within their circuit.

Applications for a church leader’s licence need to be countersigned by another church leader, preferably a Minister.

Please print copyright licence order form by clicking here.



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