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The 100-Minute Bible

Published by The 100-Minute Press, The 100-Minute Bible is a new way of looking at the Bible. It is published with the hope that it will enable people who are not familiar with the Bible to understand something of the book that is the basis of the Christian faith.

The 100-Minute Bible picks out the principal stories of the life and ministry of its central character, Jesus Christ. The social and theological context of these stories is provided by outlining the ups and downs of the history of his nation, the Jews. It then proceeds to record the story of the growth of Christianity during the first century; firstly amongst the Jews themselves; then amongst the other peoples living in Israel and then throughout the eastern Mediterranean, even as far as Rome.

The 100-Minute Bible is primarily intended for people who have an interest in Christianity but not the time (nor tenacity!) to read the whole Bible. As the title indicates most people will only take 100 minutes to read it, making it ideal for an upcoming rail or aeroplane journey.

"It has been said that The 100-Minute Bible has been written in a style to encourage readers to keep turning the pages. I can vouch for that because I was still turning them on a seat at Slough station as my Ealing train came in and left without me!"
NH Slough

My son wants me to read a chapter each night from the book, and has shown a great interest (makes a bit of a change) as he asked me questions afterwards that he never used to, which is great!
Matthew, UK

We have some bad news for lazy Christians – your favourite excuse for not staying in touch with God has just disappeared with the arrival of The 100-Minute Bible. On a bad traffic day in Nairobi, you can begin reading it on Waiyaki and by the time you snake your way to the Nyayo Stadium roundabout, you will be done.
Daily Nation, Nairobi

Launched on 21st September 2005, Canterbury Cathedral, UK

The 100-Minute Press, Canterbury, UK

The 100 Minute Bible - Reflections

Michael Hintonís brilliant 100-Minute summary of the Bible is proving to bring enlightenment about the Bible to both those outside Christianity as well as Christians throughout the world. Michael Turnbull, previously Bishop of Durham, and his group of authors have now added a spiritual commentary to each of The 100-Minute Bibleís chapters. These short commentaries will help readers reflect on each chapter, provide some thoughts on which to meditate and many sections round off with an appropriate prayer.

Unlike The 100-Minute Bible which can be read at one sitting Reflections will need more time to read and take in. Some people will read this book in a couple of hours, some will read one chapter a day and others will just read one per week. Take your time.

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