Bishop Michael Turnbull asks ‘Have you ever wondered (but never dared to say it) how the Kingdoms were divided in the Old Testament? Have you puzzled about where Ecclesiastes fits into the biblical theme? Do you ignore Revelation because it’s too difficult? Did you realise how rapidly the early church grew and why?

‘Now is your chance to fit the jigsaw together and perhaps for the first time to see the bible as a whole - all for five minutes a day through Lent.  Just use the study guide schedule in conjunction with daily readings from either The 100-Minute Bible or The 100-Minute Bible Reflections.

The 2011 Lent Course Guide schedule is ideal both for reading on an individual daily basis and for weekly group study.  It may be downloaded by clicking here. The four pages are designed to be printed back-to-back and then folded. You may copy as many as you like. 

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