15th March 2007 – for immediate release

Right time for ‘The 100-Minute Bible’

100-Minute Bible press

This is the headline for the centre-page spread in the 3rd March edition of the War Cry, the newspaper of the Salvation Army. Although the photo of the author, Rev. Michael Hinton, and the story by Philip Halcrow about his life and how he came to write the 100-Minute Bible bears only passing resemblance to more famous centrefolds, it gives a robust answer to Christians who have criticised it as being merely a dumbed-down version of the Bible.

Commencing in July 2006 the War Cry has been serialising The 100-Minute Bible week by week and in this issue Jesus is approaching Jericho on his way to Jerusalem where he will eventually be crucified. Jesus will be crucified in the 21st April issue and rise from the dead the following week. Paul will set out on his famous missionary journeys on May 26th and the serialisation will end with Revelation at the end of June.

This week’s story includes the story of Jesus’ encounter with Nicodemus (page 7): When Jesus arrived in Jericho itself a man named Zacchaeus, a wealthy tax-gatherer, climbed a tree in order to see him amidst the crowds. Observing him, Jesus invited himself to dinner at his house. During the meal Zacchaeus vowed to give half his possessions to the poor and to recompense everyone he had defrauded. Jesus rejoiced, saying: ‘Today salvation has come to this family. I have come to seek and to save those who are lost.’

Notes for Editors

If you have received this Press Release as an email with a photo of the page and would like to receive this copy of the War Cry please email Lenbudd@the100-minutepress.com. I will then send you one, stocks permitting.

Contact Details - Major Nigel Bovey, (Editor of the War Cry) Tel: 020 7367 4902 Email: Nigel.Bovey@salvationarmy.org.uk

Contact Details - Rev Michael Hinton (Author) Tel: 01303 204198 Email: michael@hintonm.demon.co.uk

5th February 2007 – for immediate release

The 100-Minute Bible short-listed for Literary Prize

The Independent Publishers Guild has short-listed The 100-Minute Bible for a prize for innovation in its inaugural Publishing Awards Competition, 2007. Prizes will be awarded at a Gala Dinner to be held at the De Vere Grand Hotel, Brighton on March 3rd.

The 100-Minute Bible has been short-listed in the Innovation of the Year category and is in august company, being in competition with the long-established publisher Faber and Faber and Oxford University’s Bodleian Library. It is also up against Salt Publishing’s web-based innovation ‘to take poetry by the scruff of the neck and do something new and exciting with it’ and Class Law’s ‘innovative publishing software for family law practitioners.’

The panel of judges praised The 100-Minute Press for the creativity of its idea to make the Bible available in a more accessible format, 'This is an original concept to widen the Bible's market and create a new one.'

Considering the quality of the publishers they are up against Len Budd, spokesman for The 100-Minute Press, remarked, 'It is a wonderful compliment just to be short-listed amongst such strong and classy competition.'

Notes for Editors

The 100-Minute Bible is an abridgement which has reduced the Bible to a length of 20,000 words; a length can be read by most people in 100 minutes; hence the title. It is primarily targeted at busy people who are interested in Christian and spiritual matters but who have neither the time nor tenacity to read the 750,000 words of traditional Bibles. Published in September 2005 it was 16th best-seller in the Independent Publisher list in 2006 and is now published in Icelandic, Norwegian and Chinese with German, Dutch, Czech, Slovak and Japanese editions to follow this year.

ISBN 978-09551324-0-7 (£3.00). Also available in Large Print and Audiobook (CD) formats

The Independent Publishers Guild (IPG) is a grouping of 480 publishing companies with a combined turnover of £550m per year. Their role is described on their website (www.ipg.uk.com) as follows:

The IPG helps publishers to do better business and become part of a real community — somewhere they can find advice, ideas and information. We give independent companies the support they need to get the most out of publishing and keep their businesses growing.

The need for the IPG has never been greater. Independent publishers face ever stiffer competition from larger rivals, and must be imaginative and agile to succeed. The IPG helps them by supplying a forum to exchange ideas and resources. Smaller companies also need a loud collective voice and the strength to make an impact in the wider publishing industry.

Contact: Bridget Shine, Executive Director
Address The IPG, PO Box 93, Royston, SG8 5GH
Phone 01763 247014
Fax 01763 246293
Email info@ipg.uk.com

The Independent Publishers Guild (IPG) Publishing Awards for 2007

The seven categories showcased 22 different independent publishers:

Trade Publisher of the Year
Children's Publisher of the Year
Academic & Professional Publisher of the Year
Education Publisher of the Year
Innovation of the Year
International Achievement of the Year
Diversity Award
An eighth award, for The van Tulleken Independent Publisher of the Year, will be announced at the Gala Dinner.

In commenting on the Innovation of the Year category the judges applauded the range of nominations in this category. "Throughout we found a huge commitment among independent publishers to making their books work in a competitive market. The energy and ingenuity shown were very impressive."

The panel of judges praised The 100-Minute Press for the creativity of its idea to make the Bible available in a more accessible format. "This is an original concept to widen the Bible's market and create a new one."

The judges for the Independent Publishing Awards included:

Ruth Borthwick, Head of Literature, Royal Festival Hall
Neill Denny, Editor-in-chief of The Bookseller
Emma House, Exhibition Manager at the London Book Fair
Sharon Murray, Head of Buying at Blackwell
Kes Nielsen, Senior Books Manager at Amazon
Lynette Owen, Copyright Director at Pearson Education
A full transcript of the Awards announcement is available at the IPG Website – www.ipg.uk.com

iceland cover The 100-Minute Bible8th January 2007 – for immediate release

Warm welcome for 100-Minute Bible in Scandinavia

‘For the first time ever a version of The Bible has been No.1 Best-seller in Iceland’ reports Jakob F. Ásgeirsson of Bókafélagið Ugla (The Owl Book Society), publishers of the Icelandic version of The 100-Minute Bible which was launched in November and within two weeks was in the No. 1 spot in the non-fiction list.

‘Although we are only 300,000 or so Icelanders Bókafélagið Ugla were very pleased to be granted a licence to publish The 100-Minute Bible. We are great readers here in Iceland and, as in the rest of Europe, there is great interest in Christianity even though few people regularly go to church or read the original version of the Bible.’

The 100-Minute Bible is an interesting and convenient summary of the most influential book of all time,’ says the Bishop of Iceland, Karl Sigurbjornsson, in a preface to the Icelandic edition: ‘It provides a clear insight into the main theme of the Bible and a convenient guidance through it. I welcome the publication of The 100-Minute Bible and thank those who are behind it. I hope and pray that it will attract attention to the book of all books and create understanding of the voice that addresses the reader. It is God's gentle, good voice that calls us to believe in Him, hope and love.’

Norway version of The 100-Minute BibleThis launch was quickly followed by the publication of the Norwegian version by Egmont Serieforlag. Kari Tavendale, spokeswoman for the publishers, said ‘We are distributing The 100-Minute Bible to bookshops, kiosks, supermarkets and petrol stations and it has been accepted by all the Norwegian book clubs. There is great enthusiasm for this abridgement of the Bible and we have had massive coverage on radio stations, newspapers, NRK breakfast television and TV2 on Friday this week.’

Oslo parish priest Einar Gelius said ‘The 100-Minute Bible is a condensed version of the Bible.that will give Norwegians an overview of the most important texts. It is ideal for candidates for confirmation, for students and for anyone who wants an introduction to a very important part of our culture and history. I hope that this book will help make people more curious about the Bible – maybe the greatest love story of our time.’

'From the first day I heard about The 100-Minute Bible I knew that not only that it was ideal for Norwegians but that Egmont were the ideal publishers to bring it to them’ said senior publisher Jannicke Apelgren. ‘We are pleased that it has been received so well and are sure that it will be a best-seller. We even managed to get one of Norway's best-known actors to read the audio version of the book’. Chinese version of The 100-Minute Bible

‘These two translations follow the traditional Chinese version which was published in the summer and it is pleasing to see how well they have been received’ said Len Budd of The 100-Minute Press, publisher of the English version. ‘It shows that there is still a great interest in the Bible and Christianity even though church attendance remains low. We are awaiting the imminent publication of translations in Japanese and Slovakian and next year versions in Dutch, Czech and German will be published’.

28th July 2006

Newspaper serialises Bible

The 100-Minute Bible is currently being serialised in 50 issues of The War Cry, the weekly newspaper of The Salvation Army which members distribute in public houses and on streets throughout Britain. The War Cry is welcomed by the general public and Salvationists alike as it is has modern format containing a mixture of interesting and well-illustrated articles about the wider world as well as features about the work of The Salvation Army and the Christian community throughout the world.

The story of King David will be told in the Aug 16 issue; Jesus will be born on November 11th and deliver the Sermon on the Mount in the Dec 23rd issue; he will be crucified in late March 2007 and rise from the dead and appear to his disciples in early April. Paul’s travels will be told in early May and the last chapter (The Revelation) will be revealed in early June 2007.

Its editor, Major Nigel Bovey, said ‘Aimed at a non-Christian readership, The War Cry is delighted to serialise The 100-Minute Bible. It gives an easy-to-read overview of Scripture without compromising its essential message – that we can be saved through faith in Jesus Christ.’

Michael Hinton, the author, said ‘I was very pleased when the editor of the War Cry decided to serialise The 100-Minute Bible. I had always hoped the book would be a great tool for evangelisation, and so it is wonderful to see it being used for that purpose.

Len Budd, spokesman for the publishers - The 100-Minute Press, welcomed the serialisation as it brings the story of the Bible to people who would otherwise never have the opportunity to read it. ‘Many people know a lot of stories from the Bible but often do not know where they fit into the overall story. The 100-Minute Bible puts all those stories in their appropriate place’ he said.

The serialisation has increased sales of The 100-Minute Bible and as a result The 100-Minute Press has received its first ever orders from prisoners and members of the armed services.

Background Information for Editors

The War Cry is published by the Salvation Army and has a weekly circulation of 60,000. It sells for 20p in the UK but when sold in public houses many buyers pay more in order to support the charitable work of The Salvation Army.

Editor: Nigel Bovey. Email: Nigel.Bovey@salvationarmy.org.uk, Tel: 020 7367 4902

Launched in September 2005 in Canterbury Cathedral The 100-Minute Bible proved to be the best selling title in the Christian Books list in 2005* and is now being translated into Icelandic, Norwegian, Czech, Slovakian, Traditional Chinese and Japanese. The English version is now available in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

* Source Nielsen Bookdata


16th June 2006


Durham Diocese buys 100-Minute Bible for School-leavers

The Board of Education of the Anglican Diocese of Durham has purchased 1800 copies of The 100-Minute Bible to give to school-leavers from the church primary schools under their care.

Lesley Richardson from the Diocesan Education Team said that when this idea was proposed headteachers were very enthusiastic and are now looking forward to receiving their copies. They realised that this publication is ideal for the purpose as it is short enough and easy enough for children of this age to read. Some indicated that more young people would be likely to read The 100-Minute Bible than the traditional Bible.

‘Hopefully it will encourage our school-leavers to read a modern version of the Bible or the New Testament’ commented Lesley Richardson.

‘Many people have welcomed this abridgement of the Bible as it enables them to put into context the readings and stories that they have heard in church or Sunday School week by week. This makes it ideal for 11-year-olds,’ said Len Budd of The 100-Minute Press, it’s publishers, ‘and so we were happy to give a very good discount to the Diocese of Durham. It has been written by Michael Hinton so that it is equally appropriate for pupils leaving secondary schools and indeed adults of any age.’

The Bishop of Jarrow, John Pritchard, says in the preface, ‘Read this and you’ll see the whole sweep of God’s loving purposes for his world and all its people.’

Information for editors

For further details please visit our website – www.the100-minutepress.com. It provides background information on this novel new version of the Bible and one chapter (the Sermon on the Mount) is reproduced there.

Since it was launched in Canterbury Cathedral in September last year it has sold over 100,000 copies in the UK alone and been the highest-selling Christian book since then (Source: Nielsen Bookdata), even outselling Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life.

The 100-Minute Bible will go on sale in the US in early July. Larry Carpenter, Sales Manager of STL/Faithworks who are distributing it there commented ‘We anticipate that this will become a bestseller in the USA.’

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